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First-year activities

  • Acquisition of wools of different  local sheep breeds (sarda, appenninica, massese, sopravvisana) and fiber characterization.
  • Study of different spinning techniques and production of yarns with different titer, according to the raw material characteristics and available spinning system characteristics.
  • Design and production of fabrics with different weaves and related standard parameters according to their sector of use (clothing, furniture, etc.).
  • Study of finishing techniques to be applied to fabrics for the improvement of their “hand” and tailoring characteristics.
  • Analysis of mechanical and dimensional properties of fabrics by FAST technique.
  • Sensory analysis of fabrics by panel-test (subjective evaluation of fabric “hand”).
  • Dyeing experiments on yarns and fabrics with the utilization of natural dyes. Analysis of colorfastness.
  • Design activity to increase the value of the project’s fabrics also as bearer of a message linked to sustainability and the territory.
  • Evaluation of the tailoring characteristics of every fabric  and making of different garments and clothing accessories.
  • Promotion of the project’s fabrics and clothing in dedicated and generic exhibitions.
  • First evaluations of consumer reactions during the exhibitions.
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