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“Sustainable Textile Chain” (FTS) research project

“Sustainable Textile Chain” (FTS) research project.

Old FashionThe “Sustainable Textile Chain” (FTS) research project funded by the CNR (National Research Council), continues to investigate and study those issues addressed by the initiative already carried out by the “Textile&Sustainability” project. One of the FTS’s objectives is to evaluate the possibilities of using wool from local sheep breeds to create fabrics characterized by different weaves, natural dyes and finishing treatments, aimed at different sectors (clothing, furniture, etc.). The fabrics produced and their related products will be used for promotional and information activities with the possibility of creating a short production chain to use local resources, such as wool. The short production chain will be able to generate additional income for all stakeholders involved in the textile sector, from farmers to apparel manufacturers.

The project partners are: UNIONCAMERE TOSCANA (project coordinator), IBIMET-CNR (Institute of Biometeorology, Florence), CIBIC (Interdepartment Centre of Bioclimatology) – University of Florence, CERIS-CNR (Institute for Economic Research on Firms and Growth, Turin), FCS (Foundation for Climate and Sustainability – Florence). Other partners who collaborate in the project are: Old Fashion Tailor’s Shop of Florence (clothing design and manufacturing) and RS – Research and Services of Prato (study of new processes and products).

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