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Does it make sense to promote sustainable production techniques to be used in the textile sector? Does it make sense to propose natural textile products, manufactured respecting the environment, deep-seated in the territory and manufactured using traditional techniques of tailoring and dress-making?

The project Tessile & Sostenibilità (i.e.,Textiles and Sustainability) is due to the commitment of four textile firms which joined together to demonstrate that also in the textile sector a sustainable alternative exists and can promote a territory and its resources, handicraft, respect the environment, creating high-quality products of great satisfaction for the final users. The Lanificio di Soci, Sartoria Artigianale Old Fashion, Tessilarte and Filanda Giannini united to form a micro-production chain which, using natural products from the territory, in synergy with the environment, produces unique pieces manufactured following the traditional techniques of tailoring and dress-making.

Old Fashion

Old Fashion

Tailor’s and Dressmaker’s

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